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In this issue of Attached Family, we take a look at the cultural explosion of breastfeeding advocacy, as well as the challenges still to overcome. API writer Sheena Sommers begins this issue with “The Real Breastfeeding Story,” including …

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1. Pregnancy & Birth

Fertility and conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and the early postpartum period.

2. The Infant

From newborn to 17 months.

3. The Toddler

From 18 months to age 3.

4. The Growing Child

From age 4 to age 9.

5. The Adolescent

From age 10 to age 18.

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Join Us for API Reads in Dec 2013: Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child
Tuesday, 3 Dec, 2013 – 4:22 | No Comment

“Parents should set limits on acts, but not on emotions and desires.” This is just one of many invaluable quotes we have found from the book. Do you know which kind of parenting style you …

Join Us for API Reads Featuring Dr. Laura Markham in March/April
Thursday, 28 Feb, 2013 – 4:35 | No Comment

Come join API as we read Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting by Dr. Laura Markham through the end of April.
Here are some of the topics being discussed: Yelling; nurturing …

Balancing Attachment Parenting and Intimate Relationships
Tuesday, 12 Feb, 2013 – 4:00 | 8 Comments

By Kassandra Brown, parent coach,
Attachment Parenting International offers Eight Principles of Parenting. The eighth principle is about balance in personal and family life. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some ways …

The Latest Resources and Support from API
Sunday, 6 Jan, 2013 – 5:39 | No Comment

Coming Soon to The Attached Family:
How Attachment Parenting may prevent bullying behavior in your child

December 2012 – API Links – Your monthly API e-newsletter
The December 2012 API Links edition links you to news on applying the API Principles to ourselves, …

Why Ask Permission to Touch the Baby?
Thursday, 13 Sep, 2012 – 11:06 | 7 Comments

By Suzanne P. Reese, IAIMT, author of Baby Massage,
The concept of asking a baby for permission for anything can be foreign to a lot of people, not just parents. Resistance often lies in, “The …

Embracing Positive Discipline’s Challenges
Tuesday, 19 Apr, 2011 – 11:28 | 11 Comments

By Kelly Bartlett, certified positive discipline educator and leader of API of East Portland, Oregon USA
Positive discipline doesn’t come instinctively for many people. In fact, that’s why most parents endeavor in positive discipline in the first …

Modeling Attachment Between Parents
Monday, 6 Apr, 2009 – 12:39 | No Comment

By Rita Brhel, managing editor and attachment parenting resource leader (API)

Q: Why doesn’t my partner love me a better?
A: In our dreams, maybe we imagine the perfect partner to be the one who we fall …

Poor Attachment Leads to Adult Anxiety Disorders
Monday, 23 Feb, 2009 – 23:43 | No Comment

From API’s Publications Team
A study to be published in the March issue of Behavior Therapy, “Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Connections with Self-Reported Attachment,” credits secure parent-child attachment in lessening the risk of that child eventually developing a …