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In this issue of Attached Family, we take a look at the cultural explosion of breastfeeding advocacy, as well as the challenges still to overcome. API writer Sheena Sommers begins this issue with “The Real Breastfeeding Story,” including …

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1. Pregnancy & Birth

Fertility and conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and the early postpartum period.

2. The Infant

From newborn to 17 months.

3. The Toddler

From 18 months to age 3.

4. The Growing Child

From age 4 to age 9.

5. The Adolescent

From age 10 to age 18.

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Manage Your Emotions: How to Cool Down Before You Blow Up
Friday, 14 Mar, 2014 – 7:42 | No Comment

By Kassandra Brown, parent coach in private practice at
Your baby is crying at 3 a.m. It’s not the first time tonight you’ve gotten out of bed to answer her call and offer her your …

Emotional Eating: An Interview with Dr. Marian Tanofsky-Kraff
Tuesday, 18 Feb, 2014 – 5:21 | 2 Comments

By Rita Brhel, managing editor of Attached Family, API’s Publications Coordinator and API Leader (Hastings API, Nebraska)
Feeding a child involves more than providing nutrients. From birth on, there is a very strong emotional component. This …

How Attachment Parenting Produces Independent Kids
Thursday, 6 Feb, 2014 – 5:41 | No Comment

By Zoe Claire, originally published on Reprinted with permission.
Children are in our care for a limited amount of time, generally spanning two decades. During that time, their needs change drastically yet gradually from year …

An Attached Family in 3 Languages
Wednesday, 22 Jan, 2014 – 5:51 | One Comment

By Birute Efe,
We speak three languages at home with our two children, aged 5 years and 20 months: English, Lithuanian and Turkish. No, the children are not geniuses or extra-advanced. They are just regular …

Spotlight On: Birth, Breath and Death
Wednesday, 15 Jan, 2014 – 0:39 | No Comment

An interview with author Amy Wright Glenn about her book Birth, Breath, and Death: Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy, and Life as a Doula.
Tell us about your book.
Birth, Breath, and Death: Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy, and …

The Best Gift You Could Ever Give Your Child
Wednesday, 18 Dec, 2013 – 1:15 | 3 Comments

By Bill Corbett, author of the award-winning book series Love, Limits, & Lessons: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Cooperative Kids in English and in Spanish and member of the API Resource Advisory Committee,
It’s nearly …

Ask A Leader: Housework Stress and Car Seat Woes
Thursday, 21 Nov, 2013 – 10:36 | No Comment

By Leyani Redditi and Cason Zarro, API Leaders of API of Greater Atlanta, Georgia
Q: I am feeling overwhelmed with household chores and parenting. I want to be present for my children, but the pressure of …

Spotlight On: You Are My World
Wednesday, 30 Oct, 2013 – 1:25 | 4 Comments

An interview with author Amy Hatkoff about her book You Are My World.

Tell us about your book. What was the inspiration?

Today, more than ever before, there is a burgeoning body of scientific research confirming that …

Spotlight On: Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids
Tuesday, 22 Oct, 2013 – 0:29 | One Comment

An interview with Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids author, Dr. Laura Markham.

Tell us about your book. What was the inspiration?

Most parenting books focus on changing the child’s behavior. But when you try to control another person’s …

Spotlight On: Dr. Peter Ernest Haiman
Tuesday, 17 Sep, 2013 – 23:17 | No Comment

API: Tell us about how you began working with children and families.
PH: Since the early 1960s, I’ve been helping parents who have come to me with their frustrations about rearing their young children and adolescents. …

How a Child’s Identity Schema is Related to Self-Regulation
Thursday, 5 Sep, 2013 – 3:04 | 9 Comments

By Denise Durkin, M.A., early childhood mental health consultant and self-regulation specialist,
We know that when we engage children personally over time through our warm, sincere, kind and playful interest in them and their activities, …

Breastfeeding the Right-Brained Way
Sunday, 4 Aug, 2013 – 2:15 | 5 Comments

By Kathleen Kendall-Tackett (PhD, IBCLC) & Nancy Mohrbacher (IBCLC), authors, originally published on on March 17, 2009
In modern Western cultures, mothers have more information about breastfeeding than any time in human history. Unfortunately, most …

Spotlight On: Spark of Amber
Friday, 7 Jun, 2013 – 3:25 | One Comment

API: Tell us about how your business began. What was the inspiration? What are your goals?

Julie Zorgo: Spark of Amber was founded in early 2013, after I was introduced to Baltic amber jewelry through a …

New Sibling, New Behavior! How To Respond When Children Act Out
Friday, 7 Jun, 2013 – 3:21 | 2 Comments

By Kelly Bartlett, author of Encouraging Words For Kids, certified positive discipline educator and Attachment Parenting International Leader (API of Portland, Oregon, USA),
Having a new baby is an exciting time. Even the older siblings …

You Are a Good Parent
Tuesday, 21 May, 2013 – 4:27 | 11 Comments

By Rita Brhel, managing editor of Attached Family, API’s Publications Coordinator, API Leader (Hastings API, Nebraska)
There are many ways of raising children. Of course.
Some parents breastfeed, some don’t, and for the most part, kids turn …

Peace at Home: Military Families Embrace Attachment Parenting
Friday, 5 Apr, 2013 – 1:36 | One Comment

By Kit Jenkins, babywearing educator for Babywearing International, communications coordinator for API and a co-founder of The Carrying On Project,
One of the best things about Attachment Parenting is the consistency in all of its …

Cultivating Attachment: Making It Easy For Your Kids to Talk to You
Wednesday, 13 Mar, 2013 – 11:56 | No Comment

By Shoshana Hayman, director of Life Center, The Israel Center for Attachment Parenting,
“Children should be seen and not heard” was a common attitude in generations past. Today we are more aware of the importance …

The Emotions of Pregnancy and New Motherhood
Tuesday, 26 Feb, 2013 – 5:08 | No Comment

By Joy Davy, MS, LCPC, NCC, licensed professional counselor specializing in perinatal mood disorders,
The joy of motherhood is the subject of much art and idealistic images. Our expectation that the arrival of a baby …

Balancing Attachment Parenting and Intimate Relationships
Tuesday, 12 Feb, 2013 – 4:00 | 8 Comments

By Kassandra Brown, parent coach,
Attachment Parenting International offers Eight Principles of Parenting. The eighth principle is about balance in personal and family life. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some ways …

Kids and Sex: Getting Comfortable with “The Talk”
Thursday, 17 Jan, 2013 – 5:23 | 10 Comments

By Kelly Bartlett, author of Encouraging Words for Kids, certified positive discipline educator and Attachment Parenting International leader (API of Portland,Oregon USA), 
It’s never too early to begin talking with your kids about sex. In …

Modern parenting may hinder brain development, research shows
Monday, 7 Jan, 2013 – 5:12 | 8 Comments

By Susan Guibert, reprinted with permission, Notre Dame News,
Social practices and cultural beliefs of modern life are preventing healthy brain and emotional development in children, according to an interdisciplinary body of research presented recently at …

The “Tree Daddy”: A Parenting Metaphor
Thursday, 3 Jan, 2013 – 6:00 | One Comment

By Shoshana Hayman, director of Life Center, The Israel Center for Attachment Parenting,
The rain poured down relentlessly, with winds blowing so hard that trees were being pulled from their roots and blown over. My …

Talking Parent-to-Parent
Monday, 24 Dec, 2012 – 6:00 | No Comment

By Jake Cunningham, parent
Sometimes no matter how hard I try, I just can’t find the emotional room to comfort my 2-year-old son, Jack. I try, as we all do, to be the best parent I …

Grief in Children
Saturday, 15 Dec, 2012 – 5:05 | No Comment

By Margie Wagner & Callie Little, Child Development Media,, reprinted with permission
It goes without saying that the grieving process is a complicated and intensely personal one. It is difficult enough for adults to deal …

When Relatives Criticize
Tuesday, 2 Oct, 2012 – 19:59 | 12 Comments

By Naomi Aldort, author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves,
Q:  My relatives criticize Attachment Parenting. They question my ability to parent and tell me that I am jeopardizing the children’s development and keeping them …