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In this issue of Attached Family, we take a look at the cultural explosion of breastfeeding advocacy, as well as the challenges still to overcome. API writer Sheena Sommers begins this issue with “The Real Breastfeeding Story,” including …

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1. Pregnancy & Birth

Fertility and conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and the early postpartum period.

2. The Infant

From newborn to 17 months.

3. The Toddler

From 18 months to age 3.

4. The Growing Child

From age 4 to age 9.

5. The Adolescent

From age 10 to age 18.

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Articles in Secondary Attachments: Fathers, Grandparents & Other Loved Ones

Spotlight On: The Girl Behind the Door
Saturday, 28 Jun, 2014 – 0:31 | No Comment

The Girl Behind the Door by John Brooks chronicles a father’s experience from the adoption of his only child to her suicide in her teen years, including the exploration of the role of an attachment disorder. 
Editor’s …

Featuring API Leaders: An Interview with Thiago Queiroz
Thursday, 12 Jun, 2014 – 3:06 | No Comment

By Rita Brhel, API’s publications coordinator, managing editor of Attached Family magazine and an API Leader (Hastings, Nebraska, USA).
In celebration of Attachment Parenting International’s 20th Anniversary, the “Featuring API Leaders” series honors the unique paths …

For Grandparents: When Your Adult Kids’ Parenting Drives You Crazy
Tuesday, 3 Jun, 2014 – 4:50 | No Comment

By Naomi Aldort, author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves,
Q: My daughter-in-law is into a way of raising our grandchildren that includes cosleeping, organic food, wooden toys and so on. She and our son …

Stop Hitting Kids in School: An Interview with Nadine Block
Tuesday, 29 Apr, 2014 – 10:55 | One Comment

By Lisa Lord, editor of The Attached
Though research continues to show that spanking and other forms of physical punishment are both ineffective and harmful, and despite many nations across the globe instituting bans on …

Navigating Military Life with API’s Eight Principles of Parenting
Thursday, 10 Apr, 2014 – 3:00 | 3 Comments

By Kathryn Abbott, API Leader. Kathryn led an API Support Group in Skagit County, WA, in 2011-2012 and then served as a Co-Leader for San Diego County API in 2012-2013. She plans to start a new …

An Ever-Changing Village: The Importance of Parent Support for Military Families
Tuesday, 8 Apr, 2014 – 3:25 | No Comment

By Kit Jenkins, Master babywearing educator for Babywearing International, Event Liaison for API and a co-founder of The Carrying On Project (
We are celebrating Attachment Parenting International’s 20th anniversary this year. One of the main …

An Attached Family in 3 Languages
Wednesday, 22 Jan, 2014 – 5:51 | One Comment

By Birute Efe,
We speak three languages at home with our two children, aged 5 years and 20 months: English, Lithuanian and Turkish. No, the children are not geniuses or extra-advanced. They are just regular …

Spotlight On: Birth, Breath and Death
Wednesday, 15 Jan, 2014 – 0:39 | No Comment

An interview with author Amy Wright Glenn about her book Birth, Breath, and Death: Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy, and Life as a Doula.
Tell us about your book.
Birth, Breath, and Death: Meditations on Motherhood, Chaplaincy, and …

The Vital Importance of the Grandparent-Grandchild Bond
Wednesday, 31 Jul, 2013 – 6:45 | 23 Comments

By Rita Brhel, managing editor of Attached Family, API’s Publications Coordinator, API Leader (Hastings API, Nebraska), originally published on on November 8, 2008
It has only been about 20 years since Dr. William Sears coined …

My Child Doesn’t Want to Visit her Father
Wednesday, 10 Apr, 2013 – 4:31 | 4 Comments

By Naomi Aldort, author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves,
Q: I have recently gotten divorced. My daughter is three and initially enjoyed her time with her father, but since staying overnight she refuses to go. …

Peace at Home: Military Families Embrace Attachment Parenting
Friday, 5 Apr, 2013 – 1:36 | One Comment

By Kit Jenkins, babywearing educator for Babywearing International, communications coordinator for API and a co-founder of The Carrying On Project,
One of the best things about Attachment Parenting is the consistency in all of its …

Prevent Your Child From Becoming a Bully
Tuesday, 19 Feb, 2013 – 4:01 | One Comment

By Sarah Fudin, social media and outreach coordinator for USC Rossier Online.
According to a recent infographic from USC Rossier Online, “School Bullying Outbreak,” one in four children are bullied every month and 160,000 students miss …

The “Go Away, Persona” Mystery: Helping my Young Child Adjust to a Change of Caregivers
Wednesday, 30 Jan, 2013 – 5:27 | 6 Comments

By Tamara Brennan, Ph.D. , Executive Director of the Sexto Sol Center,
In the pine covered Sierra Madre Mountains of southern Mexico we are raising our young daughter on a small permaculture farm. We keep our door …

Visiting Family for the Holidays
Monday, 17 Dec, 2012 – 4:00 | One Comment

By Dr. Laura Markham, author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting,
We all want our relatives to see how wonderful our kids are.  Unfortunately, taking children to visit over …

Grief in Children
Saturday, 15 Dec, 2012 – 5:05 | No Comment

By Margie Wagner & Callie Little, Child Development Media,, reprinted with permission
It goes without saying that the grieving process is a complicated and intensely personal one. It is difficult enough for adults to deal …

Ten Tips for Raising a More Peaceful Child
Monday, 3 Dec, 2012 – 17:14 | 4 Comments

By Bill Corbett, author of Love, Limits & Lessons,
The General Assembly of the United Nations declared September 21st as the International Day of Peace. Since the first year of celebration, many schools around the …

Don’t Believe Everything in the News: What Pro-Spanking Research Misses
Tuesday, 2 Oct, 2012 – 19:56 | 6 Comments

By Ralph S. Welsh, PhD, ABPP, the “father of Belt Theory,”
I was horrified to discover the [2010] media attention given to the findings of Prof. Marjorie Gunnoe’s small, twice-rejected-by-peer-reviewed-journals, study on the …

How Independence and Maturity Develops
Wednesday, 15 Aug, 2012 – 10:23 | One Comment

By Shoshana Hayman, director of The Life Center/Israel Center for Attachment Parenting,
A father of an 18-year-old boy recently consulted with me because, among other things, his son had totaled the family’s car. As any …

The Invisible Bond Not Limited to Parents
Thursday, 1 Dec, 2011 – 19:16 | 6 Comments

By Shoshana Hayman, director of the Life Center/Israel Center for Attachment Parenting,
Ricki was in trouble again with her first-grade substitute teacher, this time for accidentally spilling water on her desk. She missed her regular …

Creating a Village
Wednesday, 9 Nov, 2011 – 15:14 | 3 Comments

By Jenni Pertuset, parent consultant, API Leader in Seattle, Washington USA,
The life of a parent can feel very isolated. Warm relationships with caring adults can sustain us when we’re struggling and help our children …

Attachment as Important at School as at Home
Monday, 26 Sep, 2011 – 15:22 | 8 Comments

By Shoshana Hayman, director of the Life Center/Israel Center for Attachment Parenting,
If your children or grandchildren are anything like mine, they were looking forward to starting school after the long, hot summer, equipped with …

Teens and Sex from an Attachment Perspective
Thursday, 3 Mar, 2011 – 11:17 | 25 Comments

By Shoshana Hayman, director of the Life Center/Israel Center for Attachment Parenting,
You cannot understand sexuality without first understanding the attachment dynamic, psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld explains. The pursuit of proximity is one of the …

The Breastfeeding Father
Tuesday, 29 Jun, 2010 – 4:36 | 10 Comments

By Jarold Johnston, CNM, IBCLC
Dad’s job is to take over the job of the lactation consultant when the family goes home from the hospital. The father is who will be available to answer questions at …

#1 on the Breastfeeding Team –> Daddy
Tuesday, 22 Jun, 2010 – 17:56 | 5 Comments

By Jarold Johnston, CNM, IBCLC
As a midwife, lactation consultant, and father of seven beautiful breastfed babies, I’m often asked to share my perspectives with new parents. First, let me say, I have found through personal …

Attachment by Accident: One Family’s Alternative Parenting Journey
Tuesday, 5 Jan, 2010 – 11:52 | 6 Comments

By Joe Diomede, author of Cycles of a Traveler and owner of Cloughjordan Cycle Co-op in Tipperary, Ireland,

Editor’s Note: Attachment Parenting is an approach to childrearing that is defined by Attachment Parenting International’s Eight …