Spotlight On: Snuggle Me Cushion

Interviews by Rita Brhel, executive editor of The Attached Family

Snuggle Me CushionNo doubt you saw the two Snuggle Me Cushions included in the Spring 2010 Giveaway through the New Baby edition of The Attached Family magazine.

Shell Rasmussen, creative director of the magazine, opted to try out the Snuggle Me Cushion for herself with her infant son. She spoke with me afterward about her impressions.

RITA: What is your opinion of the Snuggle Me Cushion?

SHELL: The cushion is a nice alternative to just laying your baby flat onto a blanket. Before I has the cushion, I would often use pillows or blankets to push around him when I laid him down so that he would feel snuggled. So this was certainly a good alternative to that!

I wish the middle part of the cushion was more padded on the bottom-side. The cushion is mostly just padded on the outer rim, but the bottom of the cushion is not so much.

Also, when my son got bigger and stronger, I stopped using it because he would arch his back and push himself backward over the back rim of the cushion and it seemed a little unsafe or at least uncomfortable for him.

RITA: How do you think the Snuggle Me Cushion could benefit parents?

SHELL: This cushion gives parents a place to lay their baby down so that they can have their hands free to do other things. I found it helpful when my son would fall asleep in my arms and I wanted to set him down to get some things done or just to get a little break from holding him. I set the cushion on the sofa right beside me and it made a nice little spot for him to take a nap (supervised by me sitting right next to him, of course).

I also used it when I played with my son on the floor and showed him toy. The slight lip propped his head up a little bit (like a little pillow) so that I could interact with him and talk to him without his head being flat on the floor — before he was able to sit up on his own.

RITA: Anything else you’d like to share?

SHELL: Although I would not consider this item to be a “must-have” for babies, I still thought it was useful. It could be used in the same way that you might use a bouncer seat or a swing, but you are able to set it on the sofa or bed right next to you, so it has that advantage.

I also interviewed Mia Carr with Snuggle Me Cushion about her product.

RITA: Tell us, exactly what is the Snuggle Me Cushion?

MIA: When I had my twin boys, my oldest son Austin was barely two years old. The logistics of moving around the house with the three of them was pretty overwhelming! I had little “nests” everywhere in the house. I told my mother-in-law one night, you know, we really need to invent a little place for a baby to snuggle into! It would be so convinenent!

So, we came up with the Snuggle Me Cushion. It’s a lightweight, portable “nest” that helps baby feel secure and snuggled when a parent does need to lay him down. It has a center sling, so when the baby is laid on top, the sides pull in and snuggle her.

RITA: What have parents found to be most useful about the Snuggle Me Cushion?

MIA: The most useful thing parents have found is the way the cushion helps babies feel secure, which in turn allows them to be more content.

It also helps with an infant’s startle reflex. When they are little, they often startle awake before they are ready.  When napping in the Snuggle Me Cushion, that reflex is less likely to wake them so baby naps longer and wakes more refreshed.

“Thank you so much for your lovingly crafted, indispensable baby creation! I was able to be a better mommy because Maura slept better and then I could, too.” ~ Katie Jann, Minnesota

Tummy time is another favorite. Its low elevation reduces stress on the baby’s back and allows them to comfortably play and get ready for crawling. The Snuggle Me Cushion also helps with sponge baths and infant massage. Babies feel less exposed in the cushion which reduces stress.

And it works for cosleeping! In fact, one of our endorsees, Dr. Roy Steinbock, MD, approves of the Snuggle Me in cosleeping, because it creates a firm boundary between the baby and the adult when sleeping in the same bed. It also helps to keep baby safely positioned on their back.

Not only that, but when parents use the cushion throughout the day, the baby has a consistent sleeping environment.  This will help baby form a healthy sleep pattern.

“The Snuggle Me Cushion was by far the best gift and most useful baby ‘tool’ that I received. To quote my husband: ‘This Snuggle Me cushion literally is better than the invention of sliced bread!'” ~ Kristin Gartner, Minnesota

RITA: How does the Snuggle Me Cushion fit into Attachment Parenting (AP)?

MIA: The Snuggle Me Cushion is such a natural fit into the AP lifestyle! Of course, you should hold your baby and carry them in a sling as much as possible. But, when your baby does need to be laid down, what better place than somewhere that makes them feel secure and comforted? This sense of security is so important for healthy development.

RITA: Thank you so much, Mia! Can you tell us where to go for more information?

MIA: Feel free to visit our website or you can give me a call on our Simply Mommy line! I love chatting with parents and answering any questions they may have at 1-877-253-7220.

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