Spotlight On: Balboa Baby

API: Tell us, exactly what is Balboa Baby?

BALBOA BABY: Balboa Baby is a relative newcomer to the juvenile industry, having been established in 2007 with the introduction of an adjustable baby sling. This was followed by other new parent must-haves, including a nursing cover, nursing pillow, and shopping cart cover. Joining president Noel Pepys at Balboa in an advisory capacity is Dr. William Sears and his wife, Martha, who is a certified lactation consultant.

API: What have parents found to be most useful about Balboa Baby?

BALBOA BABY: Balboa Baby products enable parents to incorporate baby into everyday life, but more importantly, the products allow parents to bond more easily with baby. The Sling keeps baby close wherever you go, and the Nursing Cover means you don’t have to delay baby’s feeding while you look for a private spot. The Nursing Pillow, used most often at home, helps position baby properly for feeding, and the Shopping Cart Cover means you can take baby along to the grocery store without fear of germs.

And as much as we might want to ignore the fashion aspect of products, one of the reasons parents love Balboa Baby products is the fact that they are beautifully styled. The product line is not only functional, but it is also quietly sophisticated in design and in the choice of fabric colors and patterns.

API: How else does Balboa Baby fit into Attachment Parenting?

BALBOA BABY: Since Dr. Sears coined the term “Attachment Parenting,” there has been the development of many products to support strong and secure emotional attachment between parent and baby. Balboa Baby products not only bring parent and baby closer physically, but they also enable everyday activities in an easy and natural way whether you are going out with baby or feeding baby.

API: Thank you so much! Tell us where to go for more information?

BALBOA BABY: For information on Balboa Baby, visit

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