Spotlight On: Soothing Slumber DVD

API: Tell us, exactly what is the Soothing Slumber DVD?

RACHEL RAINBOLT: The Soothing Slumber DVD is a video class of infant massage for nighttime. You will learn all the strokes you need to soothe your baby into a deeper and longer sleep while also gaining knowledge about different sleeping arrangements, safe sleep, why babies wake during the night, and what strategies you can use to maximize the amount of sleep that’s healthy for your baby. Incorporate the Soothing Slumber nighttime massage into your bedtime routine and slow your baby’s heart rate, regulate breathing, increase circulation, warm hands and feet, balance hormone levels, and give your baby a lasting dose of skin-to-skin contact and bonding, sending your baby off to a peaceful slumber. The DVD also includes an 18-page Parent Booklet containing stroke handouts, an outline of all of the nighttime parenting material, the Nighttime Harmony article, and a worksheet for parents to incorporate what they have learned into their relationship and life with their baby.

API: What have parents found to be most useful about this DVD?

RACHEL: The increased sleep that parents get at night in a way that enhances their bond with their baby is what parents find to be most useful about this DVD.

API: How does this DVD fit into Attachment Parenting?

RACHEL: The root of this DVD, from which all of the informed parenting choices for nighttime bloom, is an activity of loving and compassionate touch. Parents are encouraged to bond with their baby in a physical way that tunes them into their baby’s cues.  This helps them to get to know their baby better while increasing sleep in a way that enhances their baby’s physical and emotional well-being.

API: Thank you so much! Where can parents go for more information?


API: Last chance! Anything else you’d like to add?

RACHEL: I came to the world of Attachment Parenting with the birth of my first son.  In a sea of baby trainers, particularly when it came to nighttime with my baby, I struggled to find another way.  I wanted something that would honor the maternal wisdom I gained from listening to the loving bond I shared with my baby.  I found Infant Massage USA, became a Certified Educator (with my baby in sling), and combined that with the knowledge, education, and experience of a Masters Degree in Family Therapy and parenting my own little ones, to bring families the Soothing Slumber DVD.  This is a way for your baby to get the most sleep that is healthy for him, while honoring his nighttime needs for attachment.

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