Dear Editor: Public School Photo Not Representative

Dear Editor,

Public School sidebarI appreciate the effort of the Growing Child issue (The Journal of API, Fall 2008) to focus on the education of our older API-parented children. However, I feel that there was negative bias against public school. The photo selected to represent public school in the article showed unhappy children sitting at their desks without an adult in sight, whereas the other photos for other schooling options showed happy people interacting with each other or actively engaged in work.

The photo that was chosen to represent public school presents a narrow and negative view of public school. As an API family with children in public school, the image that you selected to represent public school quite plainly has put me on the defensive.

~ Lisa Repasky, New Milford, New Jersey


Thank you, Lisa, for bringing this to our attention. It is always our intention to present information in a balanced way, working to support parents by giving them the facts so that they can make the decisions that work best for their families. Looking back at the Growing Child issue, I understand your concern and assure you that it was not at all our intention to show public school in a lesser light than other educational choices.

It is because of parents like you that API is the strong, far-reaching grassroots organization that it is, and we do appreciate your comments to improve our publications and other materials.

~ Rita Brhel, editor of The Journal of API

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