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Blending In

By Maathangi Iyer, staff writer for The Attached Family publications

blended heartIt is an understatement to say that step-families have many challenges to overcome. Step-families often are formed out of loss – demise of a partner, a broken marriage. If such events are recent, bringing about a change by getting married again might create a bigger challenge: Children can experience difficulty in adjusting to their new family, although it is no less a testing time for the children’s parents and their new partner.

Through discussions with others who have gone through this challenging time, I have gathered several tips for coping with the change a remarriage gives to a family.

Introducing the Step-Parent and Step-Siblings to the Family

It is important that you and your partner, while planning the future, remember that first you are parents. Both of you should keep your families in perspective before making any important decisions regarding your own future together. Your children will be going through a major change in life, and as parents, it is important that you understand this. The emotions your children and your step-children will feel can greatly affect your relationship — or attachment potential, as in the case of your step-children. Major change in family structure and dynamics is unsettling for children, and their attachment relationships with you and their siblings can suffer. Continue reading Blending In